Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Helpful Hints From the Now Wise Woman

I just wanted to pass on some helpful hints/lessons that I learned yesterday.

  1. Don't empty ashes into a plastic container...even if you think they are cooled and you have seen someone do it a hundred times!

  2. Don't put those ashes next to your front door.

  3. Have a fire extinguisher in your house because you never know!

  4. If you smell smoke...find it...don't just figure it is coming from the neighbors woodstove.

  5. If you have the prompting to look out your front door and you can't figure out why...do it anyways.

  6. Know where the garden hoses are even if it is still half winter.

  7. Don't have your house insurance premium be $1,000!

From the above you can tell what happened to me yesterday. I thought I was being productive for one of the first days since Holli was born and I ended up spending an hour getting the fire out and the rest of the afternoon stressed out about what had happened. Everyone was fine...except the porch, front door, and a lunch box that was left outside over night.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Pictures from the last 3 weeks

Holli loves her Mobile. She listens to the music and watches the lights flash. This is where she spends a lot of her awake time...still only a few hours a day.
This was the first dress that she wore to Young Womens. She looked too cute for words and Mom loved dressing her up! Girls are so much fun.

Just a picture of Mom and daughter in Gypsum. Aunt Jadelyn loved Baby Holli and wanted to hold her every chance she could.
This is a picture of Kendra, a neighborhood girl that Jessica is very good friends with.
Tiny Little Feet. I can't get over how very small she is. I know that she is going to grow fast, but I love her so small. She has Jessica's feet and every chance Holli gets, she sticks her feet out..just like Jessica.
Jessica spent a week at her parents house and oh how much fun it was! Here is Grandpa Robert and Holli cuddling on the couch.
KJ and Holli like to take naps together in the recliner. Many nights have been spent in this chair with both parent when Miss Holli won't sleep well in her bed.


Mike, Natalie, Lori, and Jordan came up to Norwood for Easter. Holli was given a little outfit that said "My first Easter". At the time, I did not think that she would be able to wear it as she was to be born weeks after Easter but, it worked out that she could. It was so big on her...but she wore it!
Life in Norwood is wonderful. At the moment, we are having problems getting this program to upload our photos. I will continue to try until we can upload some wonderful photos of Holli and us.

It is Turkey season right now, and most of KJ's thoughts are towards that. He has been wonderful and stayed home a lot in spite of it being hunting season...to be with Holli.

Jessica is still loving being home. This new full time job is the most rewarding job she has ever had. She is starting to feel like doing more things around the house, but most of her time is still spent holding and feeding Holli. She loves it to death!

Holli is still growing so fast. She is focusing on faces now, following sounds, and waving her hands more. She weighs about 6 1/2 pounds and is starting to outgrow the preemie clothes! We can't wait to be able to post more photos of her!