Monday, February 25, 2008

Here are some photos of what we have been up to. Kj and Mike went to Lake City to the annual Ice Fishing Tournament. Kj and has been so excited for this trip that once again sleep has been hard to get!! For Kj Journeying out, Jess bought him a gas powered ice auger. The boy has almost everything he needs for ice fishing now!

Over President's Day weekend, we traveled to Denver to see Denise go to the Temple for the first time. She was so nervous, but felt it was so right. It was so good to be able to share that moment with her. Thank you!

Buster has learned how to play with a football. We have to admit that some evenings, our entertainment comes from watching Buster try to "get his ball."

Lastly, Kj set up a few more things in the baby's room. The swing makes jungle noises and after we turned it on, it took hours to get it to stop! We kept thinking it was done, and then out of no where we would hear random sounds. We need to download some instruction books as most of what we have, we have been blessed by obtaining by hand-me downs.

On a side note, Jess is trying to do her scrapbooking, and we don't have any photos of Thanksgiving. If any of you have some photos of us over that weekend, will you please email them to us. Jess is trying to get this part done before this little girl comes. Thanks and love from Norwood.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There is a lady in Telluride that saves wild animals. This is a 22 year old Mountian Lion named Ruby. Ruby came into the bank for all of us to see. I was really uncomfortable sitting next to a stinky wild animal. Ruby is tame and has been in captivity since birth, but I am not convinced that she would not attack. The comment my co-workers said over and over is that I don't look comfortable without my gun. They are right!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

ice fishing with jess

A fun day at the lake!!!
This is the fancy ice hut that has saved my bacon a few times when the wind is really bad.
Boy Howdy this is fun. It is also not that cold (as you can tell)
Jess with her lunker (not really hahaha )

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Congratulations to Kj. After one year of school, four years of his apprenticeship, he is finally DONE! He took his final test today and received an 89%. This test was 200 questions and covered the last four years of study. He has studied very hard. Last night he could not even eat he was so anxious about this test. He has a few more hours to put in and he will officially become a Journey Line Technician. (It takes over 8,000 hours on top of the book work)I am very proud of what Kj does for our family in providing. He has spent more time in achieving this status than a full time 4-year degree student does. If you get a chance, give this hard working boy a call and say congrats!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

High Speed Internet!


We have finally found the world of high speed internet! We have spent more time in the computer room doing stuff on the internet that we could not do before! We figured that it was time to create a blog...whatever the heck this really is...and start staying in touch better. (Thanks Lori for the help.)

Life here is wonderful. Norwood has gotten so much snow and then twice as much wind to blow it around. All Jess has to say is let the heavens open and get it over with by April. April had better be a dry month.

Kj had his surgery two Thursday's ago and is doing very well. He was in a lot of pain the first few days but was able to do a lot of sleeping and relaxing. By Tuesday night, he was ready to get out of the house and DO something. Tuesday he even tried fishing. Only a true fisherman is out ice fishing 5 days after hernia surgery! He went back to work on Wednesday doing light duty. The doctor said that if something hurts, then don't do it. Otherwise, he is free to do whatever. Again that includes lots of ice fishing.

Jess has felt really good these past few weeks. Her belly has 'blossemed' as her co-workers call it. Baby is moving around and gaining force. Only 10 weeks more to go now. We finished the baby's room this weekend. Her parents came up to help move heavey things, paint, and motivate. Jess was soooo tired by the end of Saturday, but can't walk past baby's room without stopping and looking in. She just feels so complete knowing that baby has a place of her own.

We have a busy next few months coming up. One trip to Denver as our friend Denise goes to the temple for the first time, one trip to Sandford to see Grandma and Papa, Ice-off for Kj, Ice fishing tournament, youth dances, and a few baby showers for Jess and a few for her friends.

Kj shot this deer this fall with his bow. He was so happy. Now we have a wonderful mount of his anterlers on our wall. He really is a nice 3x4 in the velvete.