Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter, Holli's Birthday and our poor car.

March was a full month here in Norwood! Kj traveled to California for Marc's blessing. While he was gone, Holli fell at church and broke her arm landing her in a pretty pink cast. Kj hit our 8th deer since coming to Norwood and Jessica slid off the road on her way to church resulting in the car being totaled. We've been busy! On the fun side, Kj's gotten a few more boots in and has loved working out in his shop. Jessica's done babysitting for Uriah now, but still keeps Holli busy. She's still working on her blog and scrapbooking. We took one last long trip out to Utah to see the family out there. We all three around counting down the days until Baby can come. Our due date is May 24th but we are hoping for more like May 4th! April is turning out to be as busy as March with less bumps in the road. Easter was a blast this year too! Turkey season has started and we hope to be posting our long beards soon!