Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas to all!  Here are some fun pictures from our Christmas!

We were teaching Holli about baby Jesus and Christmas.  She thought it was pretty neat to play with the animals.

Stockings!  What's in there?

She pulled out a blue car and curled up with it after she had pulled everything out.  How sweet.

Santa gave Holli a Kitchen which she loves so much.

Grandma Janet made the beautiful quilt.  It was so funny because Holli sat right down on it and wanted a ride.  Can you tell what we do at home?

KJ really wanted a book, I know, A BOOK!  Hunting trophy antelope.  He was in heaven.

Holli giving loves to her new puppy dog.  So cute.

It didn't take Holli long to figure out how to rip all her gifts open.  She was very good.  She was in toy overload by the end of the pile of gifts but she loves all her knew gifts.  She needed some down time afterwards.  We ate breakfast and she ate 4 scrambled eggs and a good helping of hash browns.  We guess that all the excitement made her hungry.

We send our love to all the family we can't be with.  May the spirit of Christmas spread to all of you and thank you for all the wonderful gifts!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Between hunting season and ice fishing season


Well, I'm having trouble with the new way blogger is uploading pictures so sorry if this page does not make sense.  Here is what we have been up to the last two months.  Halloween was fun with Holli.  She at first thought the pumpkins were so yucky!  Finally she did touch it and had fun.

We decorated our Christmas tree this week and yes you do see it laying on it's side!  It was too heavy for the stand that we have so it feel as we were putting the star on.  It's snuggled up in the corner right now leaning slightly backwards.  It's the nicest real tree we have gotten although Jessica is still holding out for a fake tree someday.

Above are pictures of both our birthday's.  We kept them low key but fun!  And below is the first snowman Holli made.  The snow was not good packing snow so our little man was only a foot and a half tall.  Too cute!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Digital Scrapping Made Fun. Jessica's new Blog

Hello family! Jessica has started a blogspot for digital scrapping. She just started building the site this week so there is only one post. Basically, there are two reason to go to this blog.
  1. Jessica is going to blog about all the different angles and properties of digital scrapping. She will find the best deals on Amazon and post them. She will talk about techniques, products, and programs.
  2. Every time a customer or potential customer clicks on a link from her website, it will take them to There is a link at the top of the blog that takes you to'sweb page and from there you can search anything you want. All purchases made, Jessica will earn a commission on! This is called affiliate marketing and she is very excited about it. There's a link to the Kindle Store and also a link to the MP3 page.
Please check it out, give suggestions, and have fun. Become a follower of the blog as Jessica dives into the world of digital scrapping and get updated information as she posts it. Like she said, you don't have to be in the market for digital scrapping to visit the page. Make her blogspot your portal to Thanks!