Tuesday, July 29, 2008

KJ, Holli, and Jessica went on their first ever vacation! We started out the trip with a orthodontist appt in Pagosa for KJ. He is to get his braces off in November! We hope at least. Then we spent the night in Sanford. KJ and Mike went fishing and the girls went shopping. We went to Denver Saturday night. The hotel was scary and so were the people, but it we were able to sleep in and get on our fight to San Diego. Jess was very nervous about the fight and how Holli would do, but she was great. Slept in our arms most of the way. We even flew over Norwood and saw our little sub-divison! We stayed at Amy and David's. THANK YOU to them for letting us invade! We went to the beach a few times, went to my cousins wedding, visited the area that KJ went on his mission to and came back on Friday. We stayed the night at Jessica's home in Gypum and drove home on Saterday. What a wonderful trip!

Here, Holli is proped up by blankets and playing while we ate. It did not last long as she is still a little too small.
Aunt Cary came just before we were to leave for Denver. We were so glad to see here again!This is Holli's first visit to the beach. She really did not know what to think of it. We let her stand in the water and on the sand.After a while she just wanted to cuddle, which is always ok with Mom and Dad. She is the best and cutest baby ever!We all went out to the pier by Amy's house. The girls liked watching the fishers and the waves. It was so clear in the ocean. Beautiful green and blues.Two perfect baby feet. Look at the beautiful waves in the background. This was at Coronodo Beach. Have you ever seen a cowboy at the beach? I laughed at the fact that Holli and I were barefoot and KJ was in his boots!My Aunt JoAnna. She was the mother of the bride. Grandpa Jay got to rock Holli to sleep while we waited for the bride and groom to come out of the temple.Great-Grandpa Ray spent some quality time his favorite great-grandbaby.Home in Gypsum, Grandma Janet holds Holli while Mom and Dad sleep.

Josh and Rico smile as we chat before we leave to go home.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In the mornings, Holli comes back and sleeps with us for an hour or so. I was getting ready for church one Sunday and found these two just like this.
Holli loves her Aunt Jamie very much. They both love to just 'be' with each other. Sundays is Aunt Jamies day with Holli. She takes her while KJ and I nap and when Holli is hungry, I feed her and she goes back to Aunt Jamie.
Our branch put on a big 4th of July event for the community. Here Nephi speaks of his freedoms.
I sang a song to open the program up with two other ladies. This photo here is of me singing karaoke with my friend Cindy. There is a first for everything.
Tummy Time! She still does not like her tummy, but every once and a while she has a good day and will play for a few mins like this.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Holli has decided that she likes to stand now and this is her preferred position. We will try and sit her down and she fusses until we stand her back up. She is so skinny and small that it seems funny to see her standing so wobbly.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More of the cuttie

Sorry that we have not posted anything in a while. Holli is getting so big. Here are some photos of her over the past few months. I can't believe that she is almost 4 months old now!

This one is when Megan passed through with Jed and Porter.
I just love how much she loves her baths already. Sometimes we will spend up to 30 mins in there. She is starting to splash on accident now.
Another thing that she loves to do is to hang her head upside down while on your lap. Granted now she is too big to really lay on my lap like this anymore. She will stay like this for a long time, just looking around!
Now, if this is not the best smile ever! She loves to smile and is starting to giggle a little bit. She is cooing at us telling us little stories. She talked to me the whole way through Wal-Mart the other day.
We have been having some night troubles. Some nights she goes to bed just fine, some nights she has to cry some before going to bed, and others she does don't go at all. This is a photo of us after a night of not wanting to sleep at all.