Sunday, March 30, 2008

Holli this week

Daddy's first kiss from his Daughter. KJ was trying to burp her and she kept trying to suck on his check. It was so cute.
The honeymoon period is over. On the last blog we mentioned how Holli does not really cry...well she has found her lungs. It is a good thing really, but Mom and Dad feel so bad when she cries and we can't figure out what is going on. They say babies just cry for no reason sometimes, but that is hard for a parent who wants to make everything perfect! Holli is doing wonderful although. So are her parents. Jess just holds her little one all day and it is hard to get motivated to do anything. KJ works long days and still instits on getting up at night with Holli. He is a wonderful parent.

Holli's is all dressed up to go to town. We dressed her up for Jessica's trip to Telluride to clean out her desk. This was a very hard thing for Jessica to do. She never got the closure she needed since Miss Holli came early. It is very hard to leave a job that you love very much. This little girl helps heal the heart.

This was after her first bath at home. She did not like it at all, but KJ was able to calm her down by holding her like this. She is just so small when you put her in her Daddy's arms.
Holli's first Easter outfit. It was so big on her, but she looked so cute.
We don't know for sure, but we thing that our baby has a belly ache. She was finally calmed by laying her on her stomach. This is why we don't get anything done in the day.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holli Marie Johnson

As most of you already know, our little Holli has come home! KJ and I have seen enough of the Montrose Hospital. All of our nurses were WONDERFUL but we are so glad to have our baby at home where we can hold her when we want and without having to ask permission. She is doing very well. She is breastfeeding in a modified way and we are still trying different things to make it more efficient. She is such a calm baby thus far. She does not even really cry when she is hungry, just fusses. We are learning what different sounds mean and what to do. KJ is such a proud daddy. He comes home and the first thing he does is kiss me and then finds our daughter. He is such a natural with her. He has a lot of concerns, as does mom, but over time, we hope to calm those. My wonderful mother was here until Wednesday mid-day. It was so nice to have her second set of hands and support. I miss her now more than ever. Kj has returned to work and is glad to have something to do. I have never been so glad that he has Fridays off now that I am here and even showering is time consuming. Thank you for all the prayers that were offered and all the calls of support. Here are a few photos of our angel.