Thursday, April 30, 2009

Turkey's! Holli! Turkey's!

Holli is standing and walking now! She is still pretty stiff legged, but it is so cute to watch her walk! She is standing up with out help from couches or chairs. How fun! She wanted to know what I was doing behind the camera! So innocent.
Colton and Holli down in Sanford over General Conference weekend.

Papa playing ball with Holli. Balls are her favortie things!

Holli in nursery. She loves going in there. Family photos! Jessica's Turkey. Beautiful. Holli even petted the bird. We thought she would be kind of freaked out. She's a hunter in a making.

KJ's turkey. He called this turkey in and BANG! He was so excited. You should ask him the story sometime. It is a good one! We are so proud of him and all he does.

Holli loves to read. She will hide away in her room, pull off all the books, and read for 30 mins. It is so cute.

We go to the park often. On this trip she learned to slid down the slid, all by herself. I don't think that she really enjoyed it, but she kept doing it. Freedom is a wonderful thing!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Easter was fun for us this year!  This was Holli's second Easter, but we don't count last year!  We put six plastic eggs on the ground and let her find them.  Inside were some YoGo's and a piece of Smarties.  She was so excited to crawl to each one and shake it!
Look at those chompers!  She has 5 1/2 teeth now.  One top one keeps coming in and blistering back up.

Oh yeah, I have a new hair cut.  It's so easy with this little one.

Daddy showed her how to open them up to find the stuff inside.  YoGo's use to be her favortie, but now it is Smarties.  She had an Easter Dress, but while in Nursery, she made a mess of it!  We had a whirlwind of a day and so the Easter Bunny didn't come until about 5 that night.