Thursday, November 11, 2010

October doings

The real side of Holli. She is so happy! So wild! So wonderfully 2.
Yes, JD is INSIDE the pumpkin! It was so big! Holli loved showing off her pumpkin!
JD was all about the "Icky" stuff inside Holli's pumpkin.
Once again, Holli would not help carve the pumpkins! Icky she kept saying.
We spent 1 1/2 weeks down in Sanford. Holli, Jed, and Porter all played so well together. In fact, we still are praying for Porter at prayer time and we play "Jed & Porter" with paper towel cardboard swords.
The Family at Halloween. JD was a hunter. Somewhere there was even an orange bib. Holli was a fairy for the pictures and a princess the rest of the time. (She wouldn't wear the wings anymore)
Holli went through a spell where she had to sleep on the floor. I told her one night that she had to start out in her room and if she woke up she could come into our room. I found her at 3am just barley inside our room, fast asleep. So asleep that she didn't wake up when I tripped over her!
Holli has learned that if she pushes her bike to the top of the ramp, she can coast down it. She has so much fun doing this. It's tough to learn how to ride a bike on dirt roads!
Wednesdays are long days for us since KJ has meetings that night. We pulled out the fort and set it up. I have to admit that once it was up, not much playing was done inside it. They'll play more in forts as they grow up.
Our first taste of foods. JD did ok with his first taste. Not nearly as good as Holli did, but we are up to eating 3 times a day and loving food! :)