Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holli's Birthday

Holli has found Bubbles! She loves them, although not out side yet. I think when I clean my carpet next, I won't seed soap! This is Holli helping out make her cake. A little later in the process, she finds that she can dip her fingers in the frosting and eat it. It was her birthday and she ate A LOT of sweets that day. She loves to sit on the counter and play while we cook.
She loves this toy from Great-Grandpartents Bartholomew!

Daddy bought her some touching books. She loves books. Right now, her favoirte things are books, balls, and bubbles!

Her Birthday Cake. She is our litte ray of sunshine so I made a sun cake. This is the first cake that turned out well. I have a video of her eating it, but I will have to figure out how to load it. I will post that later.
All in all, the day was very good. She loved all of her gifts and can't wait for the parites that we will have at the grandparents. We can't believe that she really is ONE!