Thursday, May 22, 2008

Video of Holli playing

I was trying to get the best video out of Holli but at 2 months she is a little camera shy. We took 10 vidoes and this is the best one. We sure love every little thing that she does!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A lot has happened this last week with Holli. Two Fridays ago Kj and Holli were laying in bed both trying to wake up while Jess was taking a shower and Holli rolled from her side to her belly! She has been rolling from her back to her side for a few weeks now. Jess did not believe that her baby could be doing this already until Sunday when Holli was put down to sleep on her side and Jess found her on her stomach. Mommy freaked out as Holli's neck is not strong enough to move around if she could not breathe!

Then last Friday, Kj was holding Holli and talking to her before we went out to a friends house and the little stinker smiled at her Daddy! Mom has been trying to get Holli to smile for a few weeks now, and who does Holli give the first smile to...Dad. Mom did see it as she had a feeling that this was how it was going to come down! Thank goodness. Holli is smiling more and more every day and one of these days, we will get it on camera.

Kj is gone at a Lineman school in Grand Junction this whole week. We are going down there to spend some time with Uncle Josh and Mom later this week although.

We wanted to post some information about the blessing of Holli. We will be blessing her in Naturita over Memorial Day Weekend. Natalie has obtained some rooms for all the family for Saturday night. We will try to do something with the two sides of the family on Saturday depending on when everyone is coming in. Sunday church starts at 10:00 am although I think that we should arrive a little early if we want to have every one sit together. Sacrament is first and will get out at 10:55. We are planing a dinner for everyone after church on Sunday. Please let me know if there are anyone will be staying or come longer than just Sat/Sun.
"No more photos!"
Holli trying to lift her head up. She does NOT like being on her stomach.
Holli being tired after trying so hard.
It has been cold, and Jess does not like to light fires...wonder why...and so we wear hats on the colder days. She is so CUTE! We can't get enough of her.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kj last interview

When we posted that KJ was done with his apprenticeship...we failed to mention that he had one more step, the interview with the BIG bosses. This was done on Tuesday and they passed him with flying colors. He is so relieved that it is now officially on paper. He received a certificate, really neat belt buckle and will receive a nice coat with his name on it. We will get photos when they all come in. Thank you again from Jess and Holli for all the you do to support our family, KJ!