Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holli, Shoes, and Kj

It's been a few months since we've posted so here's what's been going on in our life.

At the start of the year, January 1st, Kj came down with the nastiest cold he's had. It lasted 4 weeks. About two weeks into it, Holli and Jessica came down with it. Holli didn't sleep much and so out of self preservation we would sleep in her twin bed propped up by pillows so she could breathe. By Thursday night she was breathing well enough that we decided it was time for her to sleep in her crib by herself. She cried for 20 mins, Dad tried to calm her down and she asked for "the Mama." After Jessica came in she jumped off her lap, patted her big girl bed. We asked her if she want to sleep in it and she scrambled up and laid her head down. We didn't hear from her the rest of the night! So just like that, Holli is in a big girl bed. She loves it and really has done w
As most of you already know, Kj has purchased the equipment needed to start his own boot repair shop! The Friday that Kj went to Grand Junction to pick it up, Holli was very excited too. At 9:30pm when Kj came home, Holli insisted that she go outside to greet Dad. 5 mins before Kj came home, Holli was all dressed to go outside, PJ's and all! She ran down the ramp, snow covered and all, to get her hug for Kj. It made his night. I guess Kj wasn't the only one excited!
Kj standing by his 'new' Landis Finisher! He rearranged his shed out back and loaded it all back in there. As you can see he already has some boots to repair and he's not even up and running! He has a patch machine, the finisher, and a sewing machine. We are going to order his supplies soon. He can't hardly wait to get going. He even may have a lead to repairing shoes for Simms! Everything is working out perfectly for him. He hopes to stay busy enough to work all day on Fridays and Jess hopes that he's not too busy to work more than that. He's going to be wonderful.
Holli and her Oreo's. She loves the middles...who doesn't.
It's not often that Holli will cuddle with Mommy.
More than 10 times a day we read Holli's current favorite book, How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? She loves to ROAR at all the Dinos!
Wearing Mom's shoes and walking around in them. Such a big girl!
The Ultimate compliment to the chef is when you lick you plate clean. Sticky French Toast. Yes, we took a bath right afterwards.

Other than the above, life is wonderful. We stay busy with church and normal life. Jessica is feeling good and growing slowly. Congrats to Amy and David with their new little one and Jessica prays that all little boys are not that big!