Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hunting is our life

Please excuse me as the photos are all out of order. I don't have the energy to organize them. All I have to say is...it's been hunting season around the Johnson home.

KJ, Holli, and Jessica went hunting with a friend from Montrose, Ted. This was the buck that Ted shot. HUGE!
Jessica's Dad came up all during muzzeloading. This was the doe he shot. Jessica wasn't able to get anything, although she had so much fun!
With all the hunters out there, we didn't want Holli to be a target. While we tracked the doe, she wore orange too. And yes, she had so much fun.
This is only partially what we got from our garden this year! Once hunting season is over, it's canning season.
This was taken after KJ shot his buck. She wanted so badly to touch her Daddy's bow.

This is the buck KJ shot with his bow this year. Still in the velvet. This was the biggest buck he's shot yet! This was a fun hunt for him as he really snuck up on the bad boy and got him! You should ask him to story sometime. Holli and I were around for it too!
Can you see the deer in this photo? KJ had snuck up on this guy. Unfortunately, the buck heard and saw him. He played the whole "You don't see me" bit. Amazing photo!
When provoked, Holli's hair is retaining some curl. Hope as it gets longer, more stays.
Jessica's mom and sisters came up for a few days. We went shooting a fishing. My sisters caught some fish. Even Holli fished. At first she had a stick with a bobber attached to it. Then she realized that we weren't fishing that way and complained. Se had to find some real line and attached some power bait to the end. The would cast the bait and pull it back in just like the other girls!
KJ was replacing the brakes on the car. We had to run inside for a moment and Holli decided to finish the project her self. She would pick a tool up from the box, bag under car, put the tool back, then get another tool. How sweet.