Monday, September 22, 2008

Just an update

Jess visited Gypsum for a week over Labor Day. Grandma and Holli loved every second together! Here it looks like Holli is having a one on one with Grandma about the hardships of life! Holli loved when Grandpa would come home and take over. She looks so small in this photo.
And this is a typical day, Holli loves to pull hair! And sometimes but the end of the day, so does Mom.

It is sometimes hard to get around with two babies like this. I just needed to run across the street with some stuff for my neighbor and so I "stuffed" both babies into the Stroller. They did not mind at all! Holli's first food! Rice cereal, YUM! She ate it up and loved it. She also loves carrots and bananas. She did really well eating at first and even slept 8hrs...once. Then for two weeks to wanted nothing to do with it and now she is eating again. It is so much fun!
Like I said, she loves carrots and we can't get the food to her fast enough so she tries to help.
This photo just cracks me up! She is so happy and looks more round in the face than she really is. But I love this photo.
Add ImageKJ has been hunting a lot this month. We don't have photos of him as they are on a friends camera. He shot his buck already and he has been good to eat! He has been busy with his calling as second councilor but loves it. Jess has LOVED nursery. She just was called as Seminary Teacher as well and had her first class this week. It is home study so the kids just meet once a week. In October we go to Sanford and then onto Eads for antelope hunting. The weekend after is Jess's season. If anyone wants to see us, we are booked a month ahead. We look back and laugh at the days that we use to sit at home and try to find something to do! It is a shame that we humans need any sleep!
Holli is rolling from her tummy to back now. She is rolling after toys that she wants to get. The funny thing is that she does not realize that she can do it, so sometimes she rolls over onto her tummy and gets upset that she can't get to her back. If we leave her long enough, in her fit she rolls to her back and all is good again!