Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weddings, blessings, and the Zoo

This last weekend was a busy one for us. Jamie, Jessica's sister was sealed to Taylor in the Jordan River Temple. She looked so beautiful and so happy. Congrats to her!The other big event for us was the blessing of JD. He was named Jay after Jessica's side of the family, Dean after the man in the picture below, and Johnson after his father. So full of meaning. And what a blessing he's been in our lives already! Thanks for everyone who was there and everyone who sent their love. That following Monday, we took Holli to the Zoo. She had fun looking at the animals. It was hot and most of the animals were sleeping, but the ones that moved around she loved! We can't wait to take her to Denver and see a bigger Zoo!

We love to get Holli and Kenzie together whenever we can. They are starting to play together and it's so much fun!
Holli didn't have a boring moment this weekend between all of Holli's Aunts, cousins, and Jessica's cousins, she played harder than she has ever played! Thanks to everyone!