Tuesday, June 30, 2009

May and June (a must read)

We have been so busy these last few months, so busy that we haven't kept up on our blogs. So here are some highlights from May and June.

We went camping over Memorial Day weekend. Holli did so good. We left the house around three pm and didn't get into camp until 11:30pm! There was a lot of "sight seeing" done over the 7 hours. Holli did so good in the truck. We gained a stronger testimony of prayers in the face of danger. We were overlooking a steep canyon in our truck with 6 inches of mud and a large hill behind us. Let's just say that we made it back up the hill when in reality we shouldn't have. It rained a lot which only added to our memories. We went our friends the Kings.
June also brought KJ's and Jessica's 6 anniversary. KJ bought Jessica some much wanted items for her Cricut. She loves them! Jessica bought KJ some arrows for this fall. He was for the first time ever surprised at his gift. Jessica had him thinking she hadn't had time to get them! We also went fishing with Mike and Natalie in Lake City. We caught some chairs, and yes even some fish. Can anyone see anything wrong with one of these photos? LOL! Holli had a rough day at the lake because of the wind, but KJ and Jessica had a blast! We planted our garden again this year. We put a lot of effort into digging and putting more soil on top. Once that was done all three of us braved the rain and planted. Holli did pretty well most of the time. She loved getting dirty. It seems we were having a contest to see who could get the most dirt on them. It was a three way tie!Jessica's Grandparents visited on their way to Avon for their two week stay. They stopped in Norwood for a few seconds (which Jessica so happy they could see her house) then all of us went to Ouray for dinner. Holli was teething and didn't have a very good time. Poor girl. Jessica on the other hand was thrilled to see her Grandparents!
Father's Day! The second gift in six years that Jessica was able to surprise KJ with. He wanted a grill that he is not ashamed off. (He hid our other one around the back of the house. Outer Darkness!) With the heat, KJ is going to get a lot of use out of this one!It was time, Holli's first hair cut. Bangs! She looks so much better with the locks cut. She's growing up!
Aunt Jamie is here again this summer. She is working in Telluride and loving Holli, although thus far we have been gone as much as she has been here. Rumor has it that she is going to come to Sanford with us for the 24th of July!
This is a photo of KJ fishing Blue Mesa. Beautiful!

Girls Camp was last week. Jessica was over all the hikes and did a fine job. She hopes to be able to do it next year too. Kj camped Mon, Tues, Wed, and Friday. He had to work Thursday. It was a BLAST! Holli stayed the week in Gypsum with her Grandparents Jays. She did very well we are told. We don't have any photos yet, but will post when we get them. She was very happy to see us again. We dropped her off Sunday and didn't get her until Saturday. Thanks for taking her Mom and Dad!

Well, that's all for now. We will post soon again, we promise!