Friday, May 28, 2010

JD's Blessing June 27th

We are going to bless JD out in Utah June 27th @ 11:00am. This is during Cary's sacrament. Below is the address to the church. We will not be planning a dinner or get together of any sort afterwards so if you want to stay for all of church you can, if you need to hit the road as we will need to, please feel free to do so.

670 E 800 N
OREM , UT 84097

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two weeks and two kids

Another go at the stomach flu for Holli this last week. We've all had it at least twice in the last month! Holli was so tired that she didn't even move once she went down. Her arms simply feel to the side. She's doing better so far and we really hope the bug has left her body for sure.Little man found his finger and started sucking away. This wasn't the first time either! Let's just say we will push the paci if he looks like he's going to be the finger sucker.

Little man all clean from his first bath at home.

Holli helping Mommy give JD a bath. Holli was small enough that we did sink baths for a long time. This was JD's first and last sink bath. He didn't really like it either. Poor guy, but it's got to be done!

Not the best photo in the world, but a close up of this clean wide-eyed boy. We are all so in love with him.

Ok, so Holli has her days where she's not so in love with him. She has the hardest time when we go out in public and she's not the center of attention. We find that funny because she gets all shy when anyone notices her and we thought she didn't like the attention. Maybe it's just that she doesn't like JD getting all the attention. Most days though, she helps with diaper changes, wants to constantly "wrap" him up in blankets and burp clothes, and will give him pep talks when we leave the two of them alone in a room for a second. She's concerned when he cries but if we are holding him too much, she's not afraid to drag the car seat across the room and say "Baby in." It's so funny to see her drag it because it takes all her strength to do it!

Kj is as we write battling the stomach bug again. He thinks it might be food poisoning this time, but whatever it is, he's sick AGAIN! He's been keeping pretty busy though. Last night he got the garden tilled and the plan is to get a lot of yard work done this weekend.

Jessica is figuring out the way to get things done with two and has found that there's not a lot of free time in the day. Hence why this blog is getting done at 10:30pm! She feels great and loves both her kiddos so much. Kj has helped so much in the cleaning department while she is still trying to fit it all in. The only thing really lacking is the daily walks she wants to take due to the nasty wind!

Well, that's all from the four of us.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jay Dean Johnson

Here are the much anticipated photos of JD. I believe most of you already know the details, but here they are again.

Jay Dean Johnson 9 lbs 1.4 ozs, 20 inches long, 14 inch head and chest. He's got beautiful brown hair. His poor face was pretty bruised from delivery but is looking much better now. Jessica's water broke around 3:00am she thinks and we were out the door by 4:00am. Mike and Natalie came up and took Holli for us, which was great. The epidural never really worked to start but somehow was pulled out in the process so Jessica did the last 1 1/2 or so all natural. OUCH! For two people who weren't prepared to deal with that kind of pain (yes on both parties side) we made it. JD was turned sunny side up which caused a lot of the pain but at sometime, he turned back around. JD was pushed out in 5 pushes. Jessica was pushing as the doctor walked in because at that point she didn't care who was there or not, just that that baby was coming now.

We are home now and ready to get back into life. JD's doing great although slightly yellow. Just watching that closely. Kj is pretty tired but handling it all pretty good. Jessica feels great, a little sore still, but loving having baby out. Holli is curious about JD but is keeping a distance. When we are not looking she's talking to him or giving him stuffed animals, but won't really look at him when we are around. She's throwing some pretty good fits that we hope go away in a few days or so. She was given her own baby carseat and baby at the hospital and has to do whatever we do with JD to her own baby. It's very sweet.

Last few hours of being prego! On our way to the hospital.Poor little boys face was pretty bruised. Look at that chest!Sleeping so sweet. He's dressed and ready to come home.The first pic of the new family of hour. See, Holli's really not sure what to think.She wanted to hold him, until he was on her lap. She'll come around.It's hard on everyone. We all fell asleep in the hospital room just being together as a family.At home and happy. Holli actually crawled up all on her own.