Monday, October 24, 2011

One year later...

I guess blogging is out of style! I just wanted to add some current pictures up for anyone who still might be reading this blog. I am going to try and start up again because this really is a good way to feel up to date with family and friends.

This is our family picture. It's not perfect but warms our hearts to look at those little ones! We took this up in the mountains near our house.

KJ took JD to his first Priesthood session. They looked so cute in their matching red ties and all!
During hunting season, Holli saw some deer out in the field and just had to shoot them like Dad did. So she took her bow, shot about 6 feet and was the happiest little girl on the planet telling everyone how she got to really shoot a deer.
This summer we got a tramp from a neighbor who was moving. The kids spent countless hours jumping on that thing. It has been great!!
Natalie and KJ are playing Wii. They are boxing and it's about 11:30pm! It was so funny to see them at it!

Some other things we've been doing. We have put in a deck out the back of our house, a walk way to it and the sliding glass door. We also did sod up front and put in Natural Gas. KJ's boot shop was put in during May and he is now moved up there. This winter we hope to really vamp up advertising and get the business very busy again. Holli and JD are growing like weeds. JD is talking some. This, That, Cat, Dog, and Mom and his favorite words right now. Holli is doing some preschool at home. She loves to do it and loves to learn the letter of the week. Jessica was released from Relief Society and is back in Nursery for now. Branch living is SO much fun... Hope to post more soon.


Summers School said...

I read! I love seeing the photos, even if you do put them on Facebook too.

Steven, Candace, and Colton said...

Pics are so cute. Love JD in the family one. Both Holli and JD are getting so big.

Janna said...

Woo hoo for the update! love this pics, glad you guys are doing well :)

Rachel said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you are posting again. :) On a whim, I wondered what you were up to. Love ya!