Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, I promised photos for Thanksgiving but it was such a day that I didn't take any photos. Sorry! I will try to paint a picture with these words...LOL

Anyways, we cleaned and played Wednesday trying to get this small house ready for a lot of people. We baked our pies Wednesday night too. 2 Pumpkins, 1 Apple, 1 Lemon Meringue Needless to say we had fun! Thursday we got up late...6:00am and Jessica put the turkey in and KJ made some cranberry tea in the crock pot. After that Jessica started all the other cooking. Mashed taters, yams (2 kinds) frog eyed salad, Deviled eggs, Stuffing(in the turkey) Ham, Turkey, gravy, relish tray, corn, and rolls (made by our friends). We had the elders, Bob, and a new family in our Branch over. We had to get a table from the church to hold everyone. By the time everyone went through, it didn't even look like we had touched most of the food! This was the Elders first of three dinners. Bob was tired by 2:00pm and we sent leftovers home. Haylee and Adam and Jack stayed until around6:00pm playing games. Jack is 2 1/2. We had so much fun! We then visited two widows of the branch with pie. Lastly we had the missionaries back over for pie that evening. It was such a fun and enjoyable day. It was great to be in our house, to talk to family and to be able to get to know the new family more.

Hope all your Thanksgiving days were as wonderful as ours! Can't wait for our next it seems I might actually get back into the swing of keeping in touch again!

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